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4Big Banks of Australia

National Australia Bank

The abbreviation for this bank is NAB. This is one of the biggest financial institutions that sets the foundation of the capitalism and customer market of Australia. The National Australia Bank is also the 17th biggest bank in the whole world. This ranking is measured by the market capitalization. The operations of this bank expands to 10 countries. NAB serves 8.3 million business banking customers and consumers. This bank also serves 2.3 million wealth management customers. This bank have 1,808 service centers and branches in all the 10 countries. They have 4654 ATMs all over the globe, issued millions of credit cards and debit cards worldwide and this bank has “AA” senior debt rating.

Commonwealth Bank

The Commonwealth Bank is a multinational bank of Australia. This bank operates in the United Kingdom, the United States, Asia, Fiji, New Zealand and all over Australia. This bank can provide a wide variety of financial services. Some of the financial services this bank can provide are broking services, investments, life insurance, superannuation, management, funds, institutional banking, investment banking, and retail. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is listed by the Australian Securities Exchange as the second biggest company in Australia as of January 2008. This includes their brands like the BankWest, Commonwealth Insurance Limited, Commonwealth Securities Limited, ASB Bank, and Colonial First State Investment Limited. This bank was established back in 1911. The government of Australia established this bank. This bank is included in the big four banks of Australia.


Westpac is an abbreviation of Western-Pacific. This bank is registered as Westpac banking Corporation. This is a multinational financial institution which is a part of the Australian “big four” banks. This is also the second biggest bank in New Zealand. This bank currently have 12.2 million customers. This bank has 1200 branches and 2800 ATMs making it the largest branch network in Australia. Westpac is also the second biggest provider of the home lending service, income protection insurance and wealth platforms. Westpac is the second-largest bank by asset and business banking lender in Australia. This is the most sustainable bank in the whole world according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group

The Australia and and New Zealand Banking group is also called as the ANZ. This is the fourth biggest bank in Australia. This is a part of the “big four” bank of Australia. This has a very large operation in the whole of Australia dominating the retail, commercial banking and car finance. This is also the biggest bank in New Zealand. This bank operates in two brands: the National Bank of New Zealand and ANZ. This bank also have branches and networks in 25 other countries. This was the most sustainable bank globally back in 2008 according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.